3D icons made for nice iPhone customization

Bright and magnificent shapes in one pack. One way to uniqueness.
Caramel icons

Carefully crafted icons in bright 3D style

Big collection of the most useful icons for your iPhone
90+ Custom icons
90 Custom 3D Icons
Lifetime Updates
Bright color scheme
PNG and Blend files
PNG and Blend files
Multiple color
Background options
Colorful iOS 3d icon
Colorful iOS 3d icon

Choose the background

Each of them is made to highlight the style of 3D icons
White theme
Black theme
Colorful theme

Customize your iPhone

Quick tutorial of how to apply icons easily

Full preview

A set of 90 icons for your favorite apps and even more
Security icon
Airbnb icon
Amazon icon
Apple-store icon
Apple tv icon
App store icon
Asana icon
Calculator icon
Chrome icon
Clock icon
Compass icon
Contacts icon
Dialer icon
Discord icon
Dribble icon
Dropbox icon
Facebook icon
Facetime icon
Folder icon
Find iphone icon
Firefox icon
Gamecenter icon
Youtube icon
Gmail icon
Health icon
Home icon
iBooks icon
iCloud icon
iMessage icon
iMovie icon
Instagram icon
iTunes icon
Mail icon
Maps icon
Measure icon
Medium icon
Messenger icon
Music icon
Netflix icon
News icon
Numbers icon
Onecloud icon
Pages icon
PayPal icon
Photos icon
Pinterest icon
Padcasts icon
Tasks icon
Shazam icon
Skype icon
Slack icon
Snapchat icon
Soundcloud icon
Spotify icon
Stocks icon
Video icon
ToDo icon
Trello icon
Tripadvisor icon
Tumblr icon
Twitch icon
Twitter icon
Viber icon
Notes icon
Wallet icon
Watch icon
Weather icon
Wechat icon
Google maps icon
Google icon
GDrive icon
Keynote icon
Calendar icon
Camera icon
PowerPoint icon
Word icon
Excel icon
VK icon
iTunes icon
VPN icon
Notion icon
Evernote icon
Tips icon
Whatsapp icon
Telegram icon
VPN icon
Settings icon
Tumblr icon
Twitch icon

Get Caramel Icons

90 bright and catchy pieces collected in the one pack.
Easy customization for your iPhone
PNG icons
90 volumetric icons in high-quality PNG files. Especially for your phone
PNG Files
Personal & Commercials license
Full package
The pack includes PNG files and Blender source files of 3D icons
PNG Files
Personal & Commercials license
Blender sources